Nordica GT 76 CA

$699.00 $599.95 includes shipping

Narrow waisted frontside carving dream sticks. Fast into turns, lightweight and responsive, GT 76 CA lets you rip the groomers top to bottom. [includes integrated EVO CT bindings]



NEW for 2018, the Nordica GT series is for the serious ripper wanting a frontside carving machine.

Noridca GT 76 CA has a wood core for light weight, reinforced with carbon to add stiffness without adding weight, and a new, beefed up binding system that more effectively transmits power from boot to ski. The end result—with the 76mm waist—is a pair of skis that excel on the frontside.

An Avie’s ski tester was incredibly impressed with the new GT series. They tipped into turns quickly, released with ease, and didn’t slip or chatter on the crud. And they carved deliciously down the frontside. The GT 76 CA was extremely fast into turns, as expected.

If you are an advancing beginner, or a solid intermediate skier looking for a pair of skis that excel on the frontside, letting you carve like never before, the GT 76 CA is calling you. [includes integrated EVO CT bindings]

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156cm, 162cm, 168cm