Fischer Ranger 90 Ti

$650.00 $549.95 includes shipping

A true all mountain ski that performs at top notch levels in all conditions in all places.  [bindings sold separately]


Product Description

Carbon in the “nose” of the ski keeps the Fischer Ranger 90 Ti light but without loss of the stiffness needed for good stability, even in high speed carves. And a sheet of titanium has been added just to be sure they don’t get “chatty” on you in the crud. These are truly a go anywhere, do anything ski. Light enough to play in the woods, stiff enough to hang tight on crusty groomers, yet playful enough to move through a bump line. Powder? Oh yeah. They float up nice in the fluff because of an extra touch of rocker in the tips. Designed for intermediate to advanced skiers. [bindings sold separately]

Additional Information

Ski Length (cm)

172cm, 179cm