Blizzard Quattro 8.0 Ti

$840.00 $699.95 includes shipping

A highly responsive carving ski that, due to titanal inserts, holds its ground anywhere on the groomers, regardless the conditions. [includes integrated TCX 12 bindings]



Check out the write up for Quattro 8.4 Ti, because Quattro 8.0 Ti is all that, but with a waist reduction. The 8.0 Ti retains the titanal inserts, so all that wonderful stiffness is sitting patiently in the core of the ski, damping out vibrations, reducing chatter, and increasing holding power.

The waist reduction however, does not mean an anemic, poor performer. This ski is designed to carve, and carve it does. The slimmer waist means it jumps into and out of the turns a bit more quickly and nimbly. That’s the game.

If you are an advanced intermediate to expert skier, who is looking for a ski that lays over quick into turns, and comes out just as quickly so that you can carve tight, graceful arcs all the way back to the lift, Quattro 8.0 Ti could be just the thing for you. Thinking about tossing in a bit of racing? These would get you there too.  [includes integrated TCX 12 bindings]

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Length (cm)

162cm, 168cm, 174cm