Blizzard Quattro 7.7

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Blizzard Quattro 7.7 is an ideal ski for the advancing beginner to intermediate skier seeking to up their carving game on the groomers. Light, fast, responsive. [includes integrated TP10 bindings]



The Blizzard Quattro 7.7 slims down the waistline so that the ski tips into turns a bit more easily, and releases from them gentler as well. Lacking the titanal inserts for stiffening, the Quattro 7.7 presents the softer side of the Quattro family, making it a bit more forgiving than the feisty 8.4 Ti.

But that doesn’t make it weaker ski. It does make it an ideal ski for the advancing beginner and intermediate skier that wants to improve technique on the front side of the mountain. Quattro 7.7 is designed to carve, so it will help advancing skiers learn to carve, almost effortlessly. This ski performs, but it’s forgiving of minor lapses in technique so that you learn control instead of creating slope side “yard sales.”

If you are an advancing beginner or intermediate skier who wants to improve their technique on the groomers—and especially if you want to improve your carving karma—the Quattro 7.7 is a serious contender to attach to your boots. [includes integrated TP10 bindings]

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