Blizzard Brahma CA

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A super lightweight pair of sticks that will get you bombing the groomers and have you dancing between the trees. [bindings sold separately]

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New for the 2018 season, the Blizzard Brahma CA is the lightweight cousin of Brahma. But this all-mountain, freeride ski is no lightweight in the performance department. To reduce weight carbon inserts are used in the CA, making them easier to tip into and out of turns. But that didn’t make them “noodley” by any stretch….they hang tight on the groomers, but slash-and-burn in the trees.

Blizzard gave Brahma a slight redesign for 2018, making them a whisker easier to roll into and out of turns. It’s not a drastic difference—in other words, they aren’t “hooky”—but noticeably easier to steer down the mountain.

An Avie’s ski tester had these out on the slopes at Stratton, and found them to be quick and nimble on late day groomers. Super lightweight, they were effortless to play on, even through the lumps and bumps, and heaped up piles of snow lower on the mountain.

If you are an intermediate skier looking for a pair of lightweight sticks that will take you effortlessly over the groomers—and through the trees—and not leave you exhausted, Brahma CA just may be the ski you have been seeking.

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