Nordica 2017 Line Up

Last February I had the opportunity to go try out skis and other gear that would hit the market in the 2017 season. Since Avie’s Ski / Sport is a Nordica dealer, I spent some time checking out their gear for you. Here I pass along to you what I found.

For the 2017 season, Nordica has come out with the all new GT Series of men’s skis. The GT Series is an upgrade of the Fire Arrow series of skis. While the Fire Arrow series were solid skis, I never really took a shine to them for some reason. The GT Series is designed to take on the front-side groomers, and I found them to be up to the task.

The 84 Ti EVO, 80 Ti EVO and 76 Ti EVO all contain titanal for stiffening. They all tipped into and out of turns with ease. And they held tight throughout the turns. I think this is the big difference with the Fire Arrow series which tended to slip a bit in tight turns. So this is a really nice upgrade. These same skis also have a slightly rounded tail design. In my opinion, this makes them a bit more agile and fun in the bumps and in the woods.

The women’s Sentra series mimics the GT skis, but without titanal. This makes the Sentra line a bit lighter. The Sentra S5, the top-of-the-line Sentra, has some carbon inserts to add a bit of stiffness for better control and holding power. These are great “go to” skis for those women that thrive on those lovely strips of corduroy.

Nordica continues big hit classics for both men and women with the NRGY and Belle all mountain skis. For 2017 the basic structure and technical details remain the same. But Nordica did an upgrade to the graphics. The Nordica NRGY 90 continues to be one of my favorite all mountain skis. They go anywhere and do anything and do it well. Carving the corduroy, bouncing the bumps, twisting through trees. It’s all good.

Of course the Nordica Enforcer is the talk of the ski slopes again this year. The Enforcer 93 is new for 2017, and really is all it’s said to be. I thought the Enforcer 100 a bit too wide, for me, for day-to-day use here in New England. But the Enforcer 93 is slimmed down enough to really excel across the range of conditions we see here in the east. They carve, they go in the woods and bumps. And they are wide enough to float well in powder if you are lucky enough to be on the slopes when the white is fresh and deep. The Santa Ana series is the women’s version, and has won similar accolades for it’s nimbleness, versatility, and hard-charging qualities.

In the GT Series, advanced skiers will want to consider the EVO models containing titanal if the front-side groomers are your natural habitat. Intermediate and beginning skiers will want to consider the CA and EVO models without the titanal inserts. These will be a bit more forgiving and will help you build your skills and technique more easily.

Guys and gals that truly rip up the whole mountain—front-side, back-side, and the glades in between—will want to check out the NRGY, Belle, Enforcer and Santa Ana series from Nordica. These skis will take you anywhere and everywhere. And give you the performance you seek in all those varied conditions.

Also new from Nordica for 2017, and which are generating lots of talk in the ski community, is the SpeedMachine ski boot series. These boots sport a moldable cork liner and a customizable shell that can be molded using infrared technology. While I haven’t had the opportunity to ski in the SpeedMachine boots, those that have had only good things to say about them. 

That’s the run down for Nordica for 2017. Stop by Avie’s Ski / Sport and check out some of the new Nordica gear like SpeedMachine boots and GT and Sentra series skis. But don’t forget their tried and true NRGY and Belle series skis. And who can forget the Enforcer? There is a lot to like from Nordica this season.




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