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Dobermann Debut

Nordica is seeing a phase out of the GT series of skis, and in their place the Dobermann Spitfire series move in. Sound vaguely familiar? It should. The Dobermann line from Nordica is their race ski series. If you have guessed that the new Spitfire series is modeled after the Dobermann race ski series, you guessed right.

Nordica Spitfire 76 RB is a true frontside ripper. Take these sticks for a slide over the corduroy stripes and you will be hooked. Fast. Over the snow and into and out of the turns. Just like a race ski would do. Ski magazine gave Spitfire 80 RB a “Best in Category” award for 2019/2020. If the frontside groomers are the place you play the most, check out Spitfire 76. They will not disappoint.

New for 2019/2020 is Enforcer 88, awarded “Best Value” by Ski magazine. Take Enforcer 93 and slim it down a bit to shave off a bit of weight and make it faster and easier into the turns. Same award winning ski in a new narrower width. Truly an all mountain, go anywhere, do anything ski.

Soul Rider Remedy

Another “new” ski from Nordica for the 2019/2020 season is Soul Rider 87. This set of sticks takes all the great things inherent to Soul Rider 84 and Soul Rider 97 and gives a new width to consider. The hardwood and carbon fiber core give the ability to shred the groomers, and the huge amount of camber gives Soul Rider tremendous “pop.” Soul Rider 87 is one seriously fun ski to have on the mountain. Woods, bumps, corduroy, whatever. It’s all fun. And don’t forget the park. These twins will play hard on the rails and in your tricks. It’s all fun.

Navigator series sees nothing new for 2019/2020, which is not such a bad thing. Great skis for anywhere on the mountain. A bit softer and lighter, Navigator skis are great in the woods where all that flex and lightness makes dodging trees a treat. But they don’t shirk their duty out on the corduroy. Navigator 80 CA is a great system ski for an intermediate skier who wants a versatile, quality ski at a really nice price.

Astral is Metaphysical

For women, Avie’s Ski / Sports carries the Astral series of skis from Nordica. Much like Navigator, they are a light-in-weight, fun, all mountain ski. Astral 78 comes as a “flat” set up, providing a bit more feel and “pop”. Astral 74 CA is a bit narrower, and has carbon fiber strategically embedded in the core to keep things light.

That’s Nordica 2019/2020 season skis to be found at Avie’s Ski / Sports. Stop in and check them out. There is something here from Nordica for everyone.

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