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For the 2019/2020 season Nordica has made a couple of significant changes to its ski boot line up. One is ladies only, the other gives the goods to everyone.

Women’s Wonder

This year women will see ALL Nordica ski boots having the adjustable calf fit technology. In the past only the higher end, more expensive boots came with this option. Now, every woman can enjoy this feature.

First off, women’s calf muscles are located lower than for men. And, depending upon the person and the bulk of the calf muscle, its location will vary. In a non-adjustable boot, women simply have to suck it up and put up with the discomfort.

Adjustable calf fit technology removes that discomfort by providing an adjustable slider on the back side of women’s boots. The slider allows the fit to be customized based on the location of the calf muscle on the back of the leg. Women who are runners or cyclers, or just naturally have a more bulky calf muscle can now account for that.

The difference? No more pain or discomfort. And better than that, a better fitting boot which provides for better control over the skis and a more relaxing and fun day on the slopes.

Man Machines

For men, nothing has changed in the Speedmachine or Sportmachine Nordica boot lines. Except that most of the boot liners now come equipped with Primaloft™ insulation, making them warmer.

Speedmachine (100 mm last) and Sportmachine (102 mm last) boots have undergone some big upgrades the past season or two, so settle back and just enjoy the incredible features of these boots. Both widths have been totally redesigned to provide performance, and each width comes in a variety of stiffness designations. This holds for both women’s and men’s versions of Nordica boots.

Cruise Control

The Cruise series (104 mm last) of Nordica boots have always been the brands “comfort” series. And in some ways that meant a more relaxed approach to performance as well. But not any longer.

Cruise boots have been totally redesigned. While providing the most comfort of the Nordica ski boot options, Cruise oozes performance. The new boot very much resembles the “Speed” series of boots. They are lighter. They are tilted just a bit more forward to put the skier in a better position for control over the ski. And they are comfortable.

But don’t panic that the redesign now makes them agonizing to get into. A newly designed entry system makes entry and exit a breeze.

If you are considering some new ski boots this season, check out the Nordica line at Avie’s Ski / Sports. It is very likely that you will find something there you like. And like a lot.

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