Mount Snow — GO!

Delicious corduroy at Mount Snow

Snow, more snow, and even more snow has fallen throughout northern New England over the past week. And more is predicted for Tuesday of this week. Another 6-8 inches of that delicious fluffy white stuff!

Ski areas throughout the northeast are, finally, at 100% open. There is even enough snow in the woods to make ventures into the glades an easy option.

Luckily for you, Avie’s Ski / Sports is heading up to Mount Snow in Vermont this Sunday, the 23rd of February. Join in the fun and experience a great day on the slopes.

It’s almost too easy. Get on the bus and chill for the ride up. Sure, go ahead and grab a few hours sleep. Get your lift ticket before you get off the bus, then head out to play on the snow for the day. When the lifts close, get back on the bus for a chill ride back home. Sleep. Watch the movie. Chat quietly with friends and family.

All for $104.95. That’s less than the price of a lift ticket if you drove all the way up there on your own. But why would you?

More snow is on the way. And the forecast for Sunday the 23rd is partly sunny and temperatures in the low 30s. Sounds like a great way to start off the week.

Get over to Avie’s Ski / Sport and sign up for the trip to Mount Snow. It’s a great deal, that leads to great fun.

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