Meier Skis

New to Avie’s Ski / Sports for this season, Meier skis are a refreshingly “green” approach to ski production. Located in Denver, Colorado, Meier skis stays “local” for sourcing goods to make their line of products. They use locally harvested wood for the ski base laminates, and use glues distilled from pine sap to lay them up. Even their use of colors in top sheet graphics is done with non-toxic inks. Bottom line is Meier skis are about as close to the earth as any set of skis could be. If you want to feel very “eco-friendly” while hurtling down the slopes, give Meier skis a close look.

How do they ski? Avie’s Ski Testers have not yet had the opportunity to jump on any so we cannot say first hand. And Meier skis are what is considered a “nano-” or “craft” ski maker, so we haven’t found them being reviewed by the magazines in their annual reviews.

That said, Meier skis have a really good feel to them. Light in weight because they are all wood core, but with a very nice spring to them when flexed in the shop. All Avie’s staff agree that Meier skis look and feel like they would provide a great time out on the slopes. Hopefully we will get a chance to try them out. In the meantime, don’t shy away from these. They have all the marks of great sets of sticks. 

If you want a real treat and you happen to be in Denver, stop in at Meier and you can sit down in the shop, chat with the folk that work there about the skis while having a craft beer from a nano-brewery attached to the shop. While you finish your beer, they can set up a pair of skis for you to walk out with. Pretty sweet deal. Just remember to bring a ski boot with you  into the shop. 

Still want more? Visit Meier.