Loon Mountain — Last Trip

This Sunday, March 24th, is the official last trip of the Avie’s Ski / Sports Ski & Ride Bus Trip season. And that final bus is going to Loon Mountain in New Hampshire.

Right now, Friday morning, it is snowing at Loon. Snowing hard. In fact, they are expecting 5-8 inches of snow up there before it ends tomorrow morning. Then it stays cold through Saturday, meaning not much of it melts.

Sunday however, sees the temperature slide up into the mid-40s. And sunny.

That means some sweet, soft, buttery turns at Loon. Yes, spring skiing at it’s best. Nice fresh snow and nice warm sun.

The trip to Loon is a definite “Go!” There are some seats left, but given the predicted conditions, empty seats may fill quickly.

Get to Avie’s and get signed up for that trip! The last chance, last trip this season! Sad but true.

Fresh snow — Spring skiing



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