January 5th is the first Avie’s Ski / Sports ski resort trip. And as you have guessed, it heads to Mount Snow in Vermont.

Join a bunch of other like-minded skiers and riders heading north for a day on the slopes. Ride the bubble-six-pack-lift and watch your world turn true blue.

But you definitely won’t be blue when you pop off at the summit and let gravity yank you back to lift and lodge.


If you have not yet joined in on an Avie’s Ski / Sports trip north, you have been missing one of the greatest deals in the ski industry. For less than the price of a lift ticket, you get a lift ticket. AND you get chauffeured to and from the resort.

Stress Free

No driving. Or thinking. Definitely no stressing. Plop into your seat on the coach bus and take a snooze. Wake up in time to go have fun all day on the slopes.

At days end, plop into your seat on the coach bus and chill. Chat with friends and family. Make new friends. Have a bite to eat from the dinner you packed (or picked up before leaving the resort), then go into slumber land. Or perk up, just a bit, and watch a movie.

Family Friendly

Avie’s Ski / Sports ski and ride trips are family friendly. From the price of admission all the way to family-friendly movie on the return ride home. There is no easier, more economical way for your family to enjoy a day on the slopes.

First trip leaves January 5th to Mount Snow. And it sounds like some snow in the forecast up north for this Sunday into Monday to recharge the slopes with some fresh white stuff.

Sign up soon, before the bus is full and the trip sold out. Yes, that happens, so don’t wait till the last minute.

Be sure to check the Trip List to see what other ski and ride adventures you can embark upon during the coming three months time. If you can sneak away on a Wednesday, trips to Killington and Waterville on a weekday are worth taking a day off.

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