Killington Awaits

Killington webcam view — South Ridge

Snow has been falling and piling up in Vermont. A lot of that snow has alit upon the slopes at Killington Ski Resort. Because of all that snow, Killington is now at 100% open status. That means 150+ trails available to skiers and riders.

Killington is a great mountain. Actually it’s a bunch of mountain peaks—6 in total—providing for a vast and varied landscape to play on. From the long and lazy Great Eastern Trail (green) or mountain meandering Great Northern Trail (blue) to heart-stopping drops around the Killington Peak area (black and double-black), or that massive mogul field on Bear Mountain, there is something for everyone.

With so much terrain to offer, you can bet that Killington can be a pretty busy place. Especially on a weekend. But as the saying goes, “You have to pay to play.” Or do you?

Weekdays Are Wonders

The best time to ski or ride is on a weekday. Especially on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Mid-week is the quiet time on ski mountains. The weekenders are long gone. Even those staying for an extended weekend have vacated. Leaving lots of sparsely populated trails and minuscule lift lines.

Everyone should experience Killington. It really is like no other ski mountain in the east. And the best time to have that experience is mid-week.

That is exactly why you should join the group of skiers and riders from Avie’s Ski / Sports heading to Killington on Wednesday, March 4th.

Have A Killington Experience

A comfortable ride on a coach bus to and from Killington, along with a lift ticket sets you back a mere $104.95. Sleep on the way up. Be at the mountain by 9:00AM start time. Ski or ride until your legs won’t take anymore—or the lifties wave you away at 4:00PM closing—and sleep on the way home. Or take in the ride-home movie.

Yes, it’s an early day. And yes, it’s a long day. Will you drag around at work on Thursday? You betcha’! But boy will you have a big smile on your face despite the protests from every muscle in your body.

Weekday skiing and riding is a burnout. Runs down the mountain are lapped as fast as you can make it down and back on the lift. While you might find a couple minute wait to hop into a gondola car, almost never will you wait for a chair. Instead of endlessly shuffling along in a lift line, you are fighting to catch your breath on the next quick ride to the summit.

Weekday skiing is a wonder. And spending that weekday ski or ride day at Killington is a treat beyond belief. Of all the Avie’s Ski / Sports bus trips, the weekday Killington trip is always the quietist on the drive home. Everyone is blissfully exhausted.

Torture your friends for days, maybe weeks, with tales of people-empty trails and skiing directly to the lift. At Killington. Watch your boss shake his head in puzzlement over the zombie-like you on Thursday March 5th. But to make all this happen, you need too…

Act Now

And make yourself deliriously happy on Wednesday, March 4th. Join Avie’s Ski / Sports on that comfy coach ride to Killington.

Get signed up now, or get left behind.

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