HURRAH!! Ski Sale — Now!

OK, maybe not right now, because it’s Sunday and Avie’s is closed. But right now tomorrow, almost all of Avie’s inventory of skis is On Sale.

2017 was a pretty good year, and a lot of the ski inventory walked out the door to start good lives on the slopes since last October. But there are still lots of great brand names, models, and sizes left to consider.

I know you aren’t really thinking about skiing at the moment. That’s okay. So think instead about saving some decent dollars so that when you do start thinking about skiing again, it will be with an even bigger smile plastered on your face because you know you will start it with your boots clicked into a pair of brand new skis. 

For instance. Been hankering for a pair of Volkl Kendos? They have been marked down to $549.  That’s a perfect price for skis that year-after-year continue to rank up there with the best-of-the-best. It’s tough to beat Kendo for an all-around the mountain set of skis that rip the groomers but still take you into the woods and through the bumps with nothing but glee and pleasure. There are only a few pair in the shop, so don’t wait if this is your ski.

For instance. New to Avie’s this year was the Armada brand. Everyone in the shop was impressed at how the Invictus Ti handled on the early day groomers and the late day crud, and all that comes in between. Including playing in the woods. This incredible ski is marked down to $479, which is a whole lot of ski for you to begin the 2018 season on. There is a fair selection of this ski in the shop, but if you want your choice of optimal size, don’t procrastinate.

For instance. I could go on and on, but won’t. Get to the shop and check out the selection of On Sale skis. Almost everything in stock wants to go home with you at a sale price. There won’t be more until this October, and they most definitely won’t be on sale at these prices.

Get out and enjoy summer. Better still, pick up a new pair of skis—on sale—so you can enjoy summer knowing you are really gonna enjoy winter.