Happy Holidays From Avie’s

It looks like we will indeed have a White Christmas after all.

At least that is, if you wake up early enough (or go to bed late enough) to experience the snow before it reverts to a less desirable liquid state.

But no worries, the stuff will stay frozen and white to our north. And that’s what really matters because that’s where we all will head to play in the snow gracing the slopes and covering ski trails.

In the meantime, Avie’s Ski / Sports will be open today—Friday, Christmas Eve Day—until 5:00 PM for you to pick up those last minute items for someone special. Don’t forget that you qualify for that term as well.

Avie’s will open again Sunday, December 26th at noon so you can stop by and figure out what to do with that great Avie’s Ski / Sports Gift Card. Yes, gift cards are available if you know a special snow hound but don’t exactly know what they may want or need.

What we really want to express is that all the staff at Avie’s Ski / Sports wishes all of you a very wonderful holiday season. Be happy. Be Safe. Have fun.

And be sure to get out and catch a few snow flakes.

Happy Holidays from Avie’s Ski / Sports

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