Fischer 2017 Line Up

The big news from Fischer for 2017 is the Pro MTN series of skis. Featuring Air-Tech technology, the Pro MTN skis shed considerable weight relative to other carving skis, but retain the stiffness needed to keep them stable in turns and at speed. Aimed at skiers who focus on carving up the corduroy, the Pro MTN skis do the job and do it well. I skied all in the series, from 95 mm waist to 77 mm waist, and liked them all. My favorite was the Pro MTN 80, which was fast into turns, and stable throughout.

Because they are so very light in weight, there were almost effortless to ski, so they didn’t tire me out like a heavier ski might. That said, they didn’t chatter much over ice and crust. The Pro MTN skis are very impressive, and worth a try. Avie’s Ski / Sport has a pair ready for you to try out on the slopes so you can make your own determination. And you should.

Ranger continues to be a popular Fischer offering in the free-ski category. Ranger has not changed from the previous year, though the updated graphics give the ski a new look. Ranger has more rocker in the tip than most other skis in its’ class, and because of that they look like they might ski oddly. They don’t. In fact, they ski quite well and they perform on the groomers much like a carving ski. The tip modification shines on a powder day, where that excess rocker helps pull the ski up towards the surface. Floating powder is nearly effortless. They do well in the woods, so Ranger is a good all around, all mountain ski choice.

While Fischer did not come out with any new women’s skis for this season, because of their extreme lightness, women skiers, particularly those in the advanced to expert categories, should not snub their noses at the Pro MTN series of Fischer skis. Check them out, then try them out. You might find something really to your liking.

KOA continues to be a solid Fischer all mountain women’s ski. For those that have skied them, they find much to their liking. Bumps, corduroy, woods. KOA does it all.  

The Trinity ski from Fischer is a mainstay for women who preside over the front-side, carving up the corduroy. Quick trips into the woods or bumps aren’t a dismay with one of the Trinity skis underfoot. More advanced models contain metal and/or carbon reinforcement to make sure that the hard-charging ladies run smooth and fast over crud and through the late-day-lumps that infect the front-side. 

That’s Fischer for 2017. Avie’s also carries Fischer boots, with the Cruzar series being a mainstay of the brand. Stop by and check out the ski inventory, and don’t forget to check the boots too.


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