Don’t Sleep Through Savings!

Don’t get caught with your eyes shut, napping through an incredible opportunity to save some money on guaranteed summer fun. Open your eyes to savings!

When you buy your stand-up-paddle boards, kayaks, and other “watercraft” from Avie’s you save because there is NO Sales Tax on these items in Rhode Island. Talk about a quick and easy way to save yourself at least 6% compared to buying in a nearby, not-to-be-named state.

A great selection of Stand Up Paddle boards just came in the other day, and more arrive on a regular basis. There are also surf boards, skim boards, and kayaks. Wetsuits to ward off the chill and sunglasses to keep the “squints” at bay. A new pair of sandals will help get you to the water and back again without having to do the “chicken trot” as your feet meet—as they absolutely will—every sharp rock that could possibly be on the path. Yeah, admit that happens.

Pop in and check out the summer scene at Avie’s Ski/Sport. You will find a wide array of merchandise ready to help you make the best of summer while it’s here. And you will find savings. 

Get wet. Have fun.