Dalbello Descends on Avie’s

Scott Heald, the Avie’s rep from Dalbello, held a clinic recently at Avie’s Ski / Sports to get everyone up to par on Dalbello ski boots for the 2019/2020 season.

Panterra Possibilities

First off what’s new? Panterra is the answer. And this boot is setting a new benchmark for freeride ski boots. Totally redesigned with the new “power cage” manufacturing technique used in the DS series, Paneterra is now 20% lighter in weight! These boots literally are as light as air. AND Panterra nows comes standard with GripWalk.

Interestingly, Panterra is a 3-buckle Cabrio-style boot, but with 4-buckles. Huh? Cabrio 3-buckle boots are a dream to get in and out of. That’s a fact. Don’t believe it? Come in and try it. So why 4-buckles? The 4th buckle, located up over the toe box, allows for adjustment of the width of the boot. Yes, an adjustable boot last. What a remarkable concept! Adjust the front buckle for a nice, snug, but comfortable fit, and “fawgetaboutit.” Don’t touch it again unless you want to adjust the fit.

Easy in. Easy out. Adjustable last. Twenty percent lighter. GripWalk included. Is there anything else Dalbello could give you with the Panterra boot? Yep. A walk-mode which is super easy to use. And the walk-mode mechanism engages on a metal “backbone” in back of the boot so little if any performance is lost. Check out Panterra. It’s the boot of the freeride future.

No Dilemma DS

The DS series of Dalbello boots were new for last season, and really, there was no reason to make change for the 2019/2020 season. Modeled after the Dalbello DRS race boots, DS series boots are phenomenal performers. They put you right up over the ski, where you need to be, to power and control the ski the way they were designed to be controlled.

The “power cage” makes them incredibly light, but exceedingly strong in all the right places to make that transfer of power from leg to boot to ski. DS are traditional 4-buckle overlap boots. And you would presume they have the traditional 4-buckle boot horror-filled ability to thwart every attempt to get your foot in, or out. Not so! The boot has been redesigned where the bridge of the foot enters to open more fully, and allow easier entry and release. With the DS boots, you no longer need to gear yourself up mentally for an attempt at boot entry.

Jakk Attack

Jakk is the final Dalbello entry available Avie’s Ski / Sports. This boot is a 3-buckle Cabrio-style freeride ski boot. I have heard people say Cabrio-style ski boots aren’t as performance oriented, with the underlying message being they are somehow inferior to a 4-buckle boot. Not so! Cabrio boots give a much more progressive flex than traditional 4-buckle boots. They allow a range of control over the ski that is not an option with well-fitted 4-buckle boots. If you are a park fanatic, duck into the woods to ski the trees by nature, or simply enjoy a more easy going skiing style, a Cabrio boot is worth a lot more than a quick glance.

And Jakk is just that. A phenomenal boot for those messing around all the time in the park hitting the rails and doing tricks. Also for those who abhor the groomers and want the solitude of the trees. And for those of you who want a slightly more relaxed day on the slopes—without loss of control over the skis. You need to check out a Cabrio boot like Dalbello Jakk.

Lots of good stuff from Dalbello for 2019/2020. And it’s the same good story for men’s and women’s Dalbello ski boots. All the technological advances, tweaks, and nuances are worked into Dalbello ski boot for men and women.

Drop into Avie’s Ski / Sports and check out the Dalbello line of ski boots. Slide your foot into an easy entry DS. Better still, be bold. Be adventurous. Help yourself to an entry into the incredible world of Cabrio ski boots with Panterra or Jakk. You will not be sorry.

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