…to MOUNT SNOW! January 5th is the first Avie’s Ski / Sports ski resort trip. And as you have guessed, it heads to Mount Snow in Vermont. Join a bunch of other like-minded skiers and riders heading north for a day on the slopes. Ride the bubble-six-pack-lift and watch your world turn true blue. But

Ski & Ride Trips!

The 2020 Avie’s Ski / Sports SKI & RIDE bus trip schedule is now posted!! Check out the great lineup of trips to ski and ride resorts in Vermont and New Hampshire. And check out the great price. Again Avie’s has managed to keep the price—which includes the ride to and from the resort AND

RIDE Ready

RIDE snowboards are ready to rip. Upgrades and new models to the RIDE line of snowboards provide some great opportunities for both men and women. Man-RIDE-Pig The rage in the men’s line is of course the “pigs.” War Pig, Mountain Pig, Super Pig. These newly designed shorter, more turny, more fun boards are taking the

Get Wool. Get Smart.

Face it, styles have changed. Materials have changed. Technologies have changed. Big, thick, bulky apparel is about as in-style as straight skis. Wool That’s Smart New materials are now available to make fabrics that are light, comfortable and moisture wicking. There are tried and true natural materials used to make fabrics that are warm—even when

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