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Let The Season Begin!

The first major snow storm of the season is on the doorstep of the Green Mountains in Vermont. A foot plus of that gorgeous white stuff  will be drifting out of the clouds and covering up the naked ski trails with the kind of blanket we all love the best. And with temperatures dropping dramatically, snow guns will be firing full blast to augment the natural snow falling from the sky.

That means it’s time for us skiers and riders to get ourselves ready to hit the slopes. With all the too pleasant weather we have been having, I know I am guilty of not being ready to head north to play in the snow. And maybe neither are you. Let’s not procrastinate longer. …more

Ski Boot Season

I got an email this morning pointing out how many “Skier’s Choice” awards Dalbello ski boots have received for the 2016/2017 season. I thought I would take a moment to share with you some personal experience and thoughts regarding Dalbello boots.

First off, Avie’s Ski/Sport is carrying Dalbello ski boots this season, so if you find any of my thoughts intriguing, stop by the shop and check out some ski boots. …more

First Magical Snow

Last night Vermont saw their first snowfall. That’s right, the white fluffy stuff we all love. And it must have been magical, because it caused the Avie’s Ski/Sport website to get updated to reflect all the new 2016/2017 Season products that have found their way into the newly expanded store.

A few of those new products slipped through the webmaster’s fingers and snuck out onto the Avie’s Facebook page. I guess even Facebook is excited about the first snow of the season!

Check out the website and check out the new gear. Check out the new “Avie’s Online” pages and get some insider info on the new skis for this season. And be sure to check the website often for updates. Better yet, keep in touch on Facebook. Or best of all, follow the Avie’s Blog Page so you get the most up-to-date information in the most up-to-date fashion so you miss nothing. 

The Avie’s Blog will be providing updates on snow conditions as the season gets underway, and will be highlighting some of the new products that you can see when you drop in and visit us in the shop. Which by the way is just simply amazing. Come in and see for yourself.

All of us at Avie’s are looking forward to helping you enjoy the 2016 / 2017 ski and ride season. 

Connect For Adventure

We are in the process of linking up our newly redesigned website with our now being revitalized Facebook Page. We thank you for patience as we proceed. We hope you will link up with our web and Facebook pages. We want you to know about the latest on trips, sales, specials, new stuff, snow conditions, and everything else of interest in snow and water sports. Spread the word to everyone you know with a penchant for outdoors adventures.

Blizzard Ski Rundown

Blizzard X-Power series skis have been a mainstay of the front-side, carving ski lineup since their inception. The Blizzard X-Power series is a system ski, meaning it comes as an integrated ski and binding package. No drilling, no mounting. A major benefit of a system ski is that if you change boots, or heaven forbid, sell them or pass them along in the family, a certified ski technician can adjust them to the new configuration without much ado. …more