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Ski & Ride Update from Vermont

I had the pleasure of spending Tuesday and Wednesday up at Stratton doing some skiing. It was the annual “Demo Days” dealer event where we get to visit ski and snowboard dealers, see what’s new for the upcoming season. i agree it is a very trying and difficult job, but someone has to do it. I don’t mind taking a shot “for the team” every once in a while. …more

Dream Day at Okemo

Thirty-nine smart riders and skiers took the Avie’s Ski Bus north yesterday to Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, Vermont. Temperatures hovered in the mid-20s at the summit and low 30s at the base, with a mix of sun and clouds. A brief but intense snow flurry for about a half hour graced the day just to add a special touch. …more

And So It Begins…

Central Vermont got about a half a foot of snow Sunday night. Then things got colder and stayed colder. Especially during the night. And it snowed some more. A lot more. In fact, a real lot more. It just didn’t exactly snow everywhere in Vermont.

Killington opens for the season today, Tuesday the 25th of October. If you are a season pass holder, you can hit the slopes as soon as they drop the ropes. If not, then you get your first shot Wednesday morning. Skiing and riding are on 2 trails off the North Ridge Triple — Rime and Reason. …more

First Magical Snow

Last night Vermont saw their first snowfall. That’s right, the white fluffy stuff we all love. And it must have been magical, because it caused the Avie’s Ski/Sport website to get updated to reflect all the new 2016/2017 Season products that have found their way into the newly expanded store.

A few of those new products slipped through the webmaster’s fingers and snuck out onto the Avie’s Facebook page. I guess even Facebook is excited about the first snow of the season!

Check out the website and check out the new gear. Check out the new “Avie’s Online” pages and get some insider info on the new skis for this season. And be sure to check the website often for updates. Better yet, keep in touch on Facebook. Or best of all, follow the Avie’s Blog Page so you get the most up-to-date information in the most up-to-date fashion so you miss nothing. 

The Avie’s Blog will be providing updates on snow conditions as the season gets underway, and will be highlighting some of the new products that you can see when you drop in and visit us in the shop. Which by the way is just simply amazing. Come in and see for yourself.

All of us at Avie’s are looking forward to helping you enjoy the 2016 / 2017 ski and ride season. 

A Super Sunday at Mount Snow

A group of skiers and riders from Avie’s Ski / Sport made their way to Mount Snow on Super Bowl Sunday. It was indeed a Super Sunday on the slopes.

Cloud free skies, temperatures moving into the mid to upper 30s, and a zephyr of a breeze made for incredible conditions. Fast and firm in the morning, soft in the afternoon and even a bit buttery on the south facing trails late in the day. It was beyond picture perfect. …more

Groundhog Day at Stratton

While many Tuesday morning were breathlessly waiting to see if a woodchuck would see it’s shadow, a few Avie’s staff were up at Stratton taking part in an “On Snow Demo.” This event allows ski and snowboard retailers an opportunity to test new and existing gear to see how it handles. Sometimes it’s an all new model, and sometimes a tweak of an existing model. Either way, it’s an awful lot of fun, but it really is work. The purpose of that work is of course to be able to help Avie’s Ski / Sport customers select the gear best suited to their needs and desires. And it sure is a lot easier to do that if we’ve had a chance to try the gear out first-hand. …more