Bromley Powder Day

If you go on the Avie’s Ski / Sports ski and ride trip this coming Sunday, the 19th of January, you will be playing in powder on the slopes you see across the valley in this image. That’s Bromley ski resort.

The Forecast

The weather forecasting folk are predicting a couple of inches of fresh snow overnight tonight and into tomorrow. That will do to freshen things up a bit and add a touch of fresh snow to the mounds of snow being made to retrieve the slopes from the slop experienced this past weekend.

But that’s not really very exciting, is it? What is exciting is that those same forecasters—burning tea leaves, polishing their crystal ball, and humbly asking the Oracle of Snow—are predicting a white Armageddon.

When you might ask? Beginning in the wee hours of Friday night / early Saturday morning and playing out in the wee hours of Saturday night / early Sunday morning.

How much you might ask? Predictions are for about a foot or so of snow.

The Funcast

Despite the heartbreaking conditions of the previous weekend up in snow-country, this weekend looks to be heartwarming. A foot or so of fresh snow to blanket the hills will do wonders to put smiles on the faces of every New England skier and rider. It’s a beautiful thing.

But don’t waste that smile wandering around your house this Sunday wondering how the skiing and riding is on the aftermath of a major dump of the white and fluffy stuff. Those thoughts might turn your smile upside-down.

To be sure that smile stays in the correct configuration, get over to Avie’s Ski / Sports and sign up for the bus trip heading north to Bromley this Sunday. Conditions will likely be the best so far of the season. A foot or so of new snow and temperatures in the high 20s to lower 30s. I’m not seeing a downside on this forecast for fun at Bromley.

There are still seats available on the bus to Bromley for this Sunday. Snow guns have been cranking full-time rebuilding what was lost during that nasty “R” event. The fresh blanket of snow coming Saturday should put ski areas into the 100% Open category.

This looks to be the real deal for a chance to play in some delicious fresh snow. Get your taste of the first helping of powder for 2020. Get on that Avie’s coach bus to Bromley.

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