Blizzard Ski Rundown

Blizzard X-Power series skis have been a mainstay of the front-side, carving ski lineup since their inception. The Blizzard X-Power series is a system ski, meaning it comes as an integrated ski and binding package. No drilling, no mounting. A major benefit of a system ski is that if you change boots, or heaven forbid, sell them or pass them along in the family, a certified ski technician can adjust them to the new configuration without much ado.

The Blizzard X-Power series skis, as noted, perform at their peak on the groomers. One Avie’s ski-tester describes them as “Nimble and fun. Able to plow through late day crud after turning beautiful carves in the morning corduroy.” They initiate turns quickly and easily, due to tip and tail rocker, hold a good grip throughout the turn, and then release easily to pick up the next turn as you carve your way blissfully down the mountain. The camber profile ensures that the skis maintain a springiness that makes them fun on- and off-piste.

Blizzard X-Power 3 is ideal for the beginner or intermediate skier making the move from renting to owning. With a 70mm waist, these skies tip into turns easily and gracefully, and because the wood core has lots of flex, they are very forgiving as you ramp up your game on the slopes.
Blizzard X-Power 7 and X-Power 7 Ti are ideal for intermediate and advanced skiers. With it’s 77mm waist, this ski is light, fast into turns, and with lots of snap to it, so it is lively all over the mountain, whether on the groomers or in the woods. The titanium sheets laid down along the core of the X-Power 7 Ti stiffens it up without adding much weight so that it hangs on tenaciously through the tightest of high speed turns. If you constantly feel the need for speed, the X-Power 7 Ti is what you need, but if you only ramp up to warp speed occasionally, stick with the X-Power 7.

Blizzard Viva 770 and Viva X7 Ti are the ladies versions in the X-Power series ski. With a 77mm waist, this ski keeps it easy to tip into turns, but gives plenty of real estate underfoot for great stability. An ideal ski for advanced to expert skiers, the 770 or X7 Ti are hard performing sticks. The titanium sheet in the X7 Ti makes this the choice for that hard-charging lady. But make no mistakes—the 770 won’t leave you wanting either.

Blizzard and Tecnica work closely to develop ski and boot compatible pairings. A great mens boot to pair with the Blizzard X-Power 7 is the Tecnica Ten.2 70. For the X-Power 7 Ti, the Tecnica Ten.2 90 would be a better match as the extra boot stiffness will help steer the ski in a more refined and deliberate manner. For the ladies, the Tecnica Ten.2 65 is a great match to the Blizzard Viva 770, while the Ten.2 85 would help drive the titanium built into the Viva X7 Ti. For those men and women that are control freaks, consider the Tecnica Mach1 series boots, which have the strength to take fullest advantage of the titanium bearing Blizzard skis.

Intrigued? Stop by Avie’s Ski / Sport and check out the Blizzard and Tecnica boots. We have skis in stock right now in various lengths for both men and women in the Blizzard X-Power series, as well as suggested boots. If you need a little incentive, click and print this COUPON, and bring it to Avie’s and receive 20% off any new boot you purchase when you purchase a pair of new skis.

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