Blizzard “Carvers”—Featured Skis

The ski season is well underway. Fresh snow drapes the slopes to the north and conditions are looking great.

Now is a great time to think about that new pair of skis you’ve been wanting. And that you deserve. Todays skis are remarkable works of engineering and technical knowhow. Clicking boots into bindings atop a set of todays sticks will be a treat you will never, ever regret.

Blizzard Quattro & Alight Series Skis

Here is a rundown of a series of skis being featured at Avie’s Ski / Sports. The featured series is the Blizzard Quattro and Alight skis, designed for excellence on the groomers. These skis, for both men and women, are available at the shop in a variety of lengths. If the descriptions strike an interest, stop by and check them out.

Carving Ski?

Quattro and Alight skis have been designed by Blizzard to provide overall excellence of performance carving on groomed slopes. What’s carving? That’s when you get the skis tipped up on edge and they literally carve their way into the snow pack across turns. All the skier needs to do is get them on edge. The skis pick up the turn and continue the turn until the skier releases them.

That’s what the groomed slopes are made for. Sweet carving turns across the slope. Back and forth all the way back to the lift. Big, sweeping, long carves. Short, fast, tight carves. There are few things more fun.

The thing about carving skis, like Quattro and Alight, is that they are designed to do just that. Rocker, camber, sidecut and a whole bunch of other technologies are exquisitely put together in a way that allows the ski to aid you through the turns. And that means big time fun.

Quattro and Alight skis are a “system ski,” meaning that the binding is an integral part of the design and therefore come with the ski. This makes them easy to readjust should you get new ski boots, or decide to sell or hand them off to someone else in the family. And because binding and ski are designed together, they work together, intimately, to achieve higher performance. It’s a beautiful thing.

Quattro 8.4 Ti

Blizzard Quattro 8.4 Ti is the racehorse of the series. It is a burly set of sticks. Layers of titanal and strategically placed arrays of carbon fiber makes Quattro 8.4 Ti a stiff, responsive, performance oriented carving ski. Crunchy, crusty, icy surfaces are not an issue with Quattro 8.4 Ti.

For advanced intermediate to expert level skiers who want really nice carving sticks, Quattro 8.4 Ti is worth more than a quick look. As would be expected of a ski of this caliber, you need to pay attention and stay on your technical game to make them perform. If you can give them that, they will give you a world of front-side fun.

Quattro & Alight

Quattro 8.0, Quattro 7.7 and Quattro 7.2, and Alight 7.7 and Alight 7.2, continue the trend in carving performance, one step removed from the “Ti” series. Does this mean they are a lesser ski? No way! But they are different.

Titanal and carbon fiber are replaced with select hardwoods and steel to provide stiffness, but at a much lighter weight. This means you get a somewhat more relaxed ride on the ski. You don’t need to be on your game every downhill pointing moment. You can relax and have a bit of fun.

But the skis will still carve gracefully across the slope. It just takes a bit less effort to do so. The downside, if you look at it from a strict performance perspective, is that without the extra metal and carbon, Quattro and Alight might chatter a bit at higher speeds over very crusty, very icy surfaces.

If you are an advancing beginner to advanced intermediate skier, or an expert skier simply looking for a more relaxing ski to carve with, then Quattro or Alight skis just might be an answer to your desires.

The wider 8.0 and 7.7 (80 mm and 77 mm at the waist, respectively) skis will be a great choice for more advanced skiers. Narrower 7.2 (72 mm at the waist) Quattro and Alight skis will be a better fit for advancing beginners—they will be a bit easier into and out of turns, allowing skills to be built and honed quicker.

Quattro CA & Alight CA

Let’s say that you like the idea of the easy, fun ride of Quattro or Alight skis, but are concerned that they may not have quite enough “backbone” for your style of skiing. Maybe you ski just a bit faster and just a bit more aggressively than the norm. But the “Ti” series seems a bit too much.

Your answer might be found in Quattro CA or Alight CA. In both these skis, carbon fiber is placed in strategic locations to provide torsional stiffness to the ski, making it more performance oriented. Using carbon fiber, rather than titanal or steel, means the ski stays nice and light.

The “CA” series of skis provides a nice middle-ground for those looking for a lightweight, easy to handle ski, but with a bit more stiffness for performance. Intermediate and advanced intermediate to expert skiers might find that “CA” series skis are the answer.

Is there a downside? Only that carbon fiber use moves the price tag just a bit higher. No, not double the price; not even close. But a little bit higher.


If you are a hard-charging, speed-freaking, aggressive-skiing skier, with good technical skills, look no farther than Blizzard Quattro 8.4 Ti. This is one sweet carving machine. Point-and-go. And never look back. If you do, you’ll see you left your companions on the summit.

If you are a competent skier that wants performance, but at the same time wants a slightly more relaxing time on the slopes, the Blizzard “CA” series skis should catch your attention. Lightweight so they are fast in and out of turn, but serious enough to really hold the turns. That’s a Quattro CA or Alight CA ski.

If you are a beyond beginning skier, still learning and improving technique, and want an entry into the world of carving the groomed slopes, Quattro and Alight skis are a very wise choice. Light and forgiving, yet full of performance so that you continue to improve your skills. Competent skiers who have a more relaxed approach to skiing will find Quattro and Alight skis able to provide a very fun, comfortable outing on the slopes.

A Final Word (or two)

Carving a ski is one of life’s great pleasures on the slopes. If you are a carver, you know the feeling. These Blizzard carvers will take your fun to a new level.

If you’ve never carved? Learn how! You are missing too much fun! Blizzard Quattro and Alight skis will help show you how. All you really need to know is how to tip a ski on edge. The skis help you figure out the rest of the fun.

It’s early February. Lots of winter left. February and March tend to be our snowiest time. In fact, March is historically the snowiest month in Vermont. So there is plenty of time to take those new carving skis onto the slopes and experience that euphoric feeling of laying down a big carve across those beautifully corduroy stripped groomers.

Stop in at Avie’s Ski / Sports and let us show you the Blizzard Quattro and Alight skis.

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