Avie’s Winter Blues Buster!

The best way to bust up those winter blues is to simply never get them. How pray tell you ask, do you do that?

You go skiing or riding. And you do it often. And…

If you really want to do it up the best way possible, you will be on the Avie’s Ski & Ride Trip this coming Wednesday, the 15th of February, headed to Killington.

Over the past week The Beast has received more than 2 feet of beautiful, white, fluffy snow. Conditions at New England ski areas are at the best that they have been in several years.

You DO NOT want to miss the Avie’s bus to Killington. There will be NO weekend crowds. There will be NO endlessly long lift lines. There will be NO lack of snow. There will be NO lack of fun. There will be NO lack of tired muscles after you try to explore the nearly 150 open trails.

Don’t miss the best opportunity this season to hit the best snow conditions we have experienced in too long a while. Seats on the bus are still available. All you need to do is get down to Avie’s Ski / Sport and get your name on the trip list headed to winter paradise.




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