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Dana Greenwood, the Avie’s Rep from Blizzard/Tecnica, dropped in last week to bring all Avie’s staff up-to-date on the latest and greatest on Blizzard skis for 2019/2020. Read the previous post for the news on Tecnica ski boots—it’s worth the quick read. Yes, they pair nicely with Blizzard skis.


For men, there is a new Brahma ski available. For the ladies, a new Black Pearl. In both cases, these great skis have not been changed. The new part is a new width available.

Brahma 82 presents a slightly slimmer version to the Brahma line, being a bit more nimble and more agile, while maintaining all the great edge grip and crud-busting power of its’ bigger brothers.

Black Pearl 82 on the other hand, brings a wider ski into the Black Pearl series and providing another option between Black Pearl 88 and Black Pearl 78 widths. Same great ski all the way around.

While those are the major new things from Blizzard to be found at Avie’s Ski / Sport, there is lots more Blizzard to go around.

Rustler 9 continues to be a shop favorite—every Avie’s employee who took a spin on them loved them. Fun all over the mountain. In powder, in the crud, and on the groomers. A couple reasons why Rustler 9 (and other Rustler skis) is so much fun is the wood and carbon fiber core, which is sandwiched together in a way that makes them incredibly playful. But still very responsive. Another interesting tech-feature for Rustler is that the sidecut pattern differs according to ski length. This keeps the playfulness of the ski consistent regardless the length of the ski. They all behave the same. If you are looking for a wicked-fun ski that will play everywhere on the resort (or out-of-bounds), you need to check out Rustler 9.

Carving All Mountain

For those infatuated with the groomers, men’s Quattro and women’s Alight series Blizzard skis are definitely worth a serious look. One of the hallmarks of the Quattro line is that the amount of rocker changes to better accommodate the skier. Quattro 7.2 for instance has more rocker than the Quattro 8.0 CA. Since the Quattro 7.2 is designed for novice skiers, increased rocker helps in learning how to get a ski up on edge. With only 4 mm of rocker, Quattro 8.0 CA is designed for advanced skiers. The small amount of rocker helps initiate turns, and allows full contact with the snow while up on edge for greater stability at higher speeds.


Alight skis mimic Quattro. But—and this is huge—they are part of the Blizzard/Tecnica Women-to-Women program. This means they are designed specifically to better accommodate the different anatomical stance of a women. For instance, the bindings are mounted slightly more forward than on a men’s ski. This better accommodates the slight difference in stance between sexes. This means that Alight series skis feel more natural to women skiing on them. Why? Because as they are placed in the ideal spot on the ski for a women skier.

Another interesting feature of Blizzard Quattro skis is the IQ binding system. IQ bindings have a suspension system built in that helps improve grip through turns. Quattro and Alight skis are, of course, designed in concert with the IQ bindings. The core of the ski under the IQ binding is reinforced with extra metal and fiberglass to ensure better transfer of power from boot to ski to snow. The bottom line is that Quattro and Alight are incredible carving skis.

That’s a quick look at Blizzard skis for the 2019/2020 season. Avie’s Ski / Sports has a great lineup of Blizzard skis to choose from. There is even a pair of Firebird race skis for those looking for the ultimate carve. And Yes, Blizzard skis pair nicely with Tecnica ski boots. Especially women’s, both of which are part of the Women-to-Women initiative.

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