ARMADA – An Avie’s Exclusive

Ever hear of ARMADA skis? Of course you have. They’re the one’s that started the whole freeski movement back in the early 2000s. To us skiing curmudgeons though, ARMADA meant twin tips attached to park rats.

Just ignore it. Maybe it will go away.

But free skiing didn’t. And ARMADA didn’t.

Once us curmudgeons took a closer look, we liked what we saw. Better still, when we clicked boots into bindings on ARMADA skis and took them out on the slopes, we liked what we felt. A lot.

You can now find ARMADA skis at Avie’s Ski / Sport. That’s right. The newly expanded shop now sports the ARMADA brand. And not to toot our own horn (although I will), Avie’s is the only shop in Rhode Island, or within at least an hours drive into neighboring Connecticut, that you will find the ARMADA brand.

The new ARMADA Invictus for men, and Victa for women, take all the great attributes of the ARMADA brand — incredible durability, insane playfulness, unrivaled performance, and super-cool graphics  — and pull them together into a great all-mountain ski. They shred corduroy. They dodge trees. They launch ledges. They float powder. They slide rails. That not enough for you? Ok, they look fantastic too.

Stop into Avie’s and meet the new kid in the shop. And curmudgeons beware. It just might be love at first sight.

IMG_0410   AlanD

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