A New Look at Avie’s

Every passing day the time of snow gets closer…

Here it is, Columbus Day Weekend upon us. The days are shorter but still warm. Evenings are longer and frost is not far away. Yes, Killington is blowing snow on the Superstar trail. It all melted. But the fact of the matter is that they are ready, willing, and trying. And that’s a main indicator that the 2019/2020 ski and ride season is upon us.

New for this season is the Avie’s Ski / Sports website. A whole new look and feel, and we hope easier to find the things you want to find.

We are still updating and finishing a few things, but feel free to go check it out. Get a preview of what is in store—pun intended—at Avie’s Ski/Sports for the upcoming ski and ride season.

The ski section is pretty much complete, with a little more “prettifying” that will happen, and a bit more content. But the new gear is posted for you to peruse. The snowboard section will follow along in a few short days.

Keep an eye on the homepage. That’s where we will be announcing trips, clinics, events, new gear, sales, and whatever else we think you might find useful, interesting, or profitable. Better still, follow Avie’s by clicking the “follow” button at page bottom.

But if you really want to see all the new gear, stop into Avie’s Ski/Sports. Yeah, it looks like a ski shop again. And there is lots to see.

While actual skiing and riding might a month or so in the future—which is not really all that far, thankfully—now is the time to shop.

Best selection of gear is right now while the inventory is full and yours for the picking. The longer you wait the less you have to pick from. We might be able to get more, but hot items disappear quickly from manufacturer’s inventories as well.

Don’t procrastinate like you did last year. Get out and get your winter goodies now while the getting is good.

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