A Healthy Dose of Caution

A primary concern of Avie’s Ski / Sports is customer safety. That’s Number 1 now and always will be, whether skiing, riding, diving, or paddling. 

Because Avie’s Number One concern is your safety, we will sadly be cancelling the ski and ride trip this Sunday, March 15th, to Mount Snow. 

Cancelling this trip is particularly frustrating because it is the annual Customer Appreciation trip. While all ski and ride trips hosted by Avie’s Ski / Sports are fun, the Customer Appreciation trip is fun on steroids because all the shop staff get to spend a day on the slopes with the good people they have had the pleasure of serving over the course of the season.

Despite the frustration of cancelling the March 15th trip, there really is no better way to express appreciation for all our valued customers than to protect their health. Given all the cautions being raised and the restrictions being activated as a result of the coronavirus threat, we didn’t feel it prudent to corral folks into a restricted environment like a bus for a trip to and from Mount Snow.

Skiing and riding are very, very healthy activities, and we urge you to get out in the fresh air and enjoy these activities. You can be sure that coronavirus is not lurking amongst the snow-clad slopes. We at Avie’s Ski / Sports just didn’t think it a good idea to give you a potentially unhealthy way to undertake a very healthy activity. 

We apologize for any inconvenience, and for the disappointment, and look forward to all of us joining together next season for Avie’s Ski / Sports ski and ride trips. 

Stay active, stay healthy.

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